Marche, Abruzzo, Sicily

In central eastern Italy, in the Marche region, vine cultivation has always been encouraged because of the particularly suitable climate and the varied nature of the soil.

In the three areas of production, Castelli di Jesi, Conero and Piceno and Moncaro, a team of agronomists technically assist about 1200 members that produce about 11.000 tons of selected grapes, which are then entrusted to three cellars in the production areas for the wine-making.

The Montecarotto headquarters is a ground-breaking structure for the management and control of the production line organized to achieve the highest quality standards for all the types of wines produced.

They are grouped together in the Verdicchio doc in the various same name vine types, in the Conero doc and docg mainly based on Montepulciano grapes, in the Piceno doc which is predominantly made of Sangiovese grape, and in the varietals Lacrima of Morro d’Alba, Pecorino and Passerina.

The range is enriched by two wines obtained from biological cultivation. The three Spumanti wines – Opale, Ametista and Madreperla – crown this interesting collection.

The technical staff of Moncaro also collabo-rates with interesting producers from Sicily giving that way life to the Sicilian wines Dragunera and Templi.


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