Fondazione Edmund Mach

Trentino Alto-Adige

The farm consists of around 100 hectares of land cultivated with grapevines and apple trees, a wine cellar and a distillery. Besides production and transformation, the farm acts as a support for experiments, teaching activities and demonstrations carried out in other centres at the institute.The farm is organised according to a model of sustainable agriculture, using production factors and techniques with a low environmental impact and which do not create problems from an agronomic viewpoint. All decision-making attempts to place the farm actively and constructively in the agriculture context of the Trentino region, respecting fundamental criteria regarding quality, rationality and low costs. The wine cellar is located in the Augustinian monastery which dates back to the 12th century. The old and evocative walls help create an atmosphere suspended between history, modern rationality and a fascination which has lasted for centuries, where the art of winemaking has been practised uninterruptedly for almost a thousand years. The structure, expanded and rationalised in the course of the last two decades, is now equipped with a modern and technological wine-producing cellar and a unit for the production of sparkling wine (“spumante”) with the classic method. Only grapes from the farm’s best grapevines are processed at this cellar to produce a selection of exemplary wines representing the entire enological range on offer in the province of Trento.


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